Sideritas – wholesale trade in new and second-hand clothes and shoes.

New clothes

Wholesale trade in new clothes

Second-hand clothes

Wholesale trade in second-hand clothes

Inexpensive sport jacket mix

Male/femate mix. 10 pcs in the mix mikse, weight of the mix aprox. 6,5 kg Various sizes

Jack&Jones jeans

Jack&Jones jeans. Full size ratio. 30 pcs in the mix. Fabric: 98% cotton, 2% elastane

H&M clothes – only for export

H&M clothes – only for export.  Male/Female/Children. Aprox. 20 kg in the mix.

Women and men Dare2B + Tog24 ski jackets

Women and men Dare2B + Tog24 ski jackets from England 50% female 50% male

Jack&Jones jackets

Jack&Jones mens jackets. 10 pcs in the mix. Sizes from S to XL

Camel Active polo T-shirts

Camel Active polo T-shirts.  Sizes from S to XXL.  10 pcs. in the mix.

Sideritas has been in business since 1995 and has a wide experience of wholesale trade in clothing. We sell new stock-category and second-hand clothes and shoes. Due to our vast experience of wholesale trade and perfect knowledge of our client we are able to offer you advice and help to pick merchandise that is highly demanded in your region. We supply produce to wholesalers and retailers from Eastern, Central, and Western European as well as Central Asian countries. Our staff thoroughly checks and packages merchandise before shipping it to buyers.

We run wholesale trade of clothes since 1995
Popular brands from Western Europe
Clients in Western and Eastern Europe as well as Central Asia

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UAB Sideritas
Gamyklos st. 40E, Mažeikiai
Phone: +370 443 65103

Company code: 166810664
VAT identification number: LT668106610

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